my name is Roy and this is my résumé

About Me

I am seeking a position in which I can increase my knowledge, skill set and inter-personal skills, while fully utilizing my experience and abilities working with team members who support and teach each other to achieve goals above and beyond expectations. I thrive in a diverse, challenging, fast-paced environment where I can use my wide range of computing skills.

I am a United States citizen, eligible for work in the United States.

Work Experience

American Express
2009 - Present
Lead Programmer Analyst
  • Responsible for the technical design and architecture of the US Homepage for American Express, which receives 1.1MM hits a day, 30MM+ users a month.
  • Lead Developer for redesign of the domestic US Homepage. The redesign focused on page performance, resulting in the page load time from 6+ seconds to under 2 seconds, the reduced number of HTTP request from an average of 60-70 to 20-30 and implemented and created several best practices for optimizing the page performance.
  • Created and Championed a plan to overhaul the American Express homepage server infrastructure to utilize a CDN for the domestic and international homepage. This plan include additional performance features such as a static asset channel, longer caching times, implementing sprites and creating an automated build process which optimizes static assets.
  • Responsible for integrating over 15 applications in the department's portfolio with the navigation team.
  • Created an departmental intranet site which centralized information across multiple functional teams.
  • Worked on re-engineering the development and maintenance processes used by several different teams, located locally and globally.
Wells Fargo
2007 - 2008
Applications Systems Engineer
  • Developed J2EE (Hibernate/JSF/WebLogic) web applications for Wholesale Payment Logistics division of Wells Fargo.
  • Responsible for daily, test and production builds of the web logic application, using Apache Ant.
  • Managed three source control repositories, using Rational ClearCase. This included creating branches, managing merges, and communicating release information to team members and customers.
  • Worked with our product teams to rapidly develop new SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) Reports. Also, migrated existing Cognos reports to the SSRS platform.
  • Created and configured SSRS Visual Studio solutions, checking in these solutions into source control to be used by the development team.
  • The reporting and web applications both used Oracle 9 & 10 databases as the data sources.
  • Developed materialized views and stored procedures and performed basic query optimization for these Oracle databases.
  • Managed the production release schedule, working with the change management team, the business team and other technical resources as needed.
  • Developed a documentation framework for use by the technical team, using Sharepoint, HTML and JQuery.
  • Used Autosys, Perl and Shell Scripts to schedule automated file and data processing jobs.
Alltel Corporation
2004 - 2007
Network Performance Engineer
  • Developed new PHP web applications for the Network Performance (NPS) division of Alltel Corporation.
  • Migrated multiple existing PHP web applications, with multiple servers and configurations, to one managed environment. Also retooled these web applications to operate at an enterprise level, adding features such as build & configuration management, outage monitoring and redundancy, using load balancing across 3 servers.
  • Configured CVS repository for all the internal applications, training the development team on source control best practices.
  • Managed the creating and scheduling of production releases with the change management team, using Remedy Software.
  • Configured and customized an internal ASP.NET C# web application for bug and feature tracking.
  • Migrated existing reporting PHP web applications to a ASP.NET C# solution.
  • The ASP.NET reporting platform used Javascript, AJAX and Office Web Components (OWC). This application retrieved information from OLAP cubes, using MDX and displayed the reports to end users, embedding MS Excel spreadsheets into the web browser. Utilized Javascript, AJAX and OWC to format and add interactivity these report spreadsheets.
Wells Fargo
2000 - 2014
Applications Systems Engineer
  • Maintained the presentation and business logic for new and existing Wells Fargo Electronic Bill Payment & Presentment (EBPP) Customers. New customers required extending and customizing the existing form to the customer's business requirements. Customers consisted of external entities as well as internal entities. This platform was based upon Avolent Billcast product, which was based upon Java.
  • Key player responsible for the creation of the Online Payment Solution (OPS) web application, also based upon the Avolent Billcast platform. Marketed as a additional product in Wells Fargo's offering, this product quadrupled the Wells Fargo online payments customer base.
  • Assisted in the design and development of Wells Fargo's next generation payment solution, a SOAP web service, using J2EE and EJB's.
  • Key player responsible for the J2EE front-end web application which interfaced with the web service for internal customers. This front end was developed as an extendable and reusable framework for developing customized payment web sites for customers.
  • Spearheaded the creation of an Intranet Portal, using ASP and MSSQL, to organize and prioritize the design and development team.
Cleardata Communications
Software Applications Developer
  • Responsible for the design and implementation of multiple internal and external web sites.
  • Used ASP, XML, VB Script, Visual Interdev, Homesite and MS SQL Server for back end development.
  • Used Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Homesite for graphic front end design.
  • Sole developer on many projects: responsible for project planning, back end database design, graphical user interface design, coding of html template, coding of ASP applications and deployment of web site.
Cox Communications
1997 - 2000
Web Developer
  • Responsible for the design, implementation and maintenance of Cox Communications web site for the Phoenix Metropolitan area.
  • Responsible for multiple web site redesigns over 3 years to support new technologies, increase of web enabled content and increase ease-of-use as the user base grew.
  • Created several advanced features such as an availability search for Cox's products and services, Phoenix Cox Career Network, and advanced customer feedback form.
  • Cox Phoenix's web site was the first Cox system web site launched, even launched prior to Cox's Corporate web site, served as a model for all other Cox system web sites.
  • Site initially launched using a Perl/CGI platform in October of 1997.
  • In December of 98, Cox corporate launched their corporate web site, and during the spring of 1999, the entire Phoenix system web site was converted to a ASP/VB Script platform to comply with Cox Communications Corporate web standards.
  • Created and maintained a mailing list of Cox system web developers to open up communications between Cox systems and share ideas and skill sets.


  • 2014

    AngularJS Training @ Interface Technical Training

  • 2012 - 2014

    Hack-A-Thons @ American Express

    Particpated in office Hack-A-Thons to foster innovation.

  • 2007

    Advanced Perl Training

  • 1995-1998

    Comptuer Science Engineering @ Arizona State University

    After a semester in the school of Architecture, I found a new passion in Computer Science

  • 1995

    Architecture @ Arizona State University

    I have always been interested in drawing, design & architecture. When I started at ASU, I originally aspired to be an Architect

  • 1977

    I was born in Texas

    And I have lived in California, Arkansas; currently live in Arizona


Roy Rico
(480) 295-5988
roy.rico at gmail dot com


Front End Languages & Frameworks
ReactJS / Redux

Programming & Scripting Languages & Frameworks
NodeJS / NPM
Bash/Zsh Shell

Microsoft SQL Server

HTTP & Application Servers
IBM IHS Server
Microsoft IIS
Source Control & Project Management Software
Git (Github, BitBucket)
Rational ClearCase

Development Tools / IDE's
JetBrains Intellij IDEA
JetBrains WebStorm
JetBrains PHPStorm
Visual Studio Code
Microsoft Visual Studio

Operating Systems
Linux (Linux Mint, Ubuntu, Red-Hat)
Windows (10, 8,7,XP)
Mac OS X
Unix (Solaris, Irix 5.3)
Microsoft Office (including Visio & Project)
Google Docs
Atlassian JIRA
Graphic & Design Applications
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Flash